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ATOZ Coding Institute is personification of the idea of few passionate coding professionals, who have been in the industry for more than 14 years and have seen the market changing from the total dearth of coders to flood of coders in coding field. The only thing which motivated them to jump into the coding training area was the quality of professional which are getting prepared in the market. If we observe, the numbers of certified coders have got increased and they are readily available for hiring but organizations are actually struggling with their quality even after they are certified coders from elite certification bodies.

At ATOZ coding we start focusing on quality from the very first step, which is the selection of candidates; after stringent scanning, we select them for our batches and put them through to the rigorous coding training for strong fundamentals and polish their knowledge with real-time practical coding scenarios. As per module of training and requirements of the coder we have tailored our curriculums which are more focused on fundamental and basics of coding with explanation of all possible complex terms. This give our coders the confidence which get demonstrated in their work.

We have a small team of trainers who have excellent domain knowledge and have impressive training record as well as experience. Getting trained with ATOZ is an altogether different experience for our trainees. We are passionate about coding and we make sure the same we are instilling in our learners.


We at ATOZ coding institute are committed to bridge the gap in coding understanding and build the trust of overseas clients in terms of quality of coders here in India. We follow the methodology that, instead of producing huge numbers of coder let’s increase the force of quality coders who can further mentor more coders and help organizations to improve their quality of work and workforce. And we are quite sure if we put sincere efforts and motivate our coders it is very much possible. We are confident about it.

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